Why do I want to be a Developer

Why do I want to be a Developer

A Student's Unfinished Journey From Non-Tech to Techie 🌀


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Hey Developers👋!!. Hope you all are doing well.

It's the first time in my life, that I write a blog.

I'm Muzzammil, a 19-year-old student, from India. Whatever I am going to tell you all about me is a real story and not cliché reasons. So, stay tuned.

Stay Tuned

My Childhood 👨‍👩‍👦 & Problem Solving Blessing

My Childhood

I was lazy towards my study and always use to spend time with my computer (playing GTA Vice City) and ganging up with my friends. I remember that I used to repair my PC myself whenever it returned a glitch.

The Beginning...

My project.png

I was in a hostel for about 6 years (7th - 12th standard) that was nearly 650 km away from my home. When I passed out on my 12th and came back home, I was confused about my career. Then I came across programming, which I didn't search for it but was recommended by my cousin. His name is Usman and he is a good Front-End Developer. His Profile On Twitter

My First Programming Language was 'Python'

Reasons Why I Chose This Field As My Career :

  • High Paying Scale.

  • My Interest.

  • Continuous Learning Process.

  • Creativity.

  • Work From Home 😅😅

  • Demand.

  • Love Working Before Deadlines.

At Present.

current Currently, I am learning HTML, CSS & JS. I'm also working on my Portfolio. I'm in 1st year of BCA (Bachelor Of Computer Applications).


Always keep learning because Knowledge is Power

Thanks for reading.

Keep Learning, Keep coding. Bye

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